The world of telcommunications is constantly changing. We’ve all heard of Skype, and most of us have used it. Voice-over-IP (VOIP) is a technology that allows you to make and receive ordinary telephone calls using the internet connection that you already pay for – and you don’t have to switch on your computer – you can either use new (VOIP) telephones, or an adapter that will convert an old-stlye analogue telephone to connect to VOIP.

There many benefits to VOIP telephony. Here are just a few….

  • cheaper calling – the internet is used for most of the connection
  • mobility – you can logon from anywhere in the world and receive calls to your phone number
  •  features – caller ID, voicemail, call diversions, call logging and many more are all included at no extra cost.

SOHO Computer Services can provide all the equipment and experience to setup VOIP systems ranging from one telephone in a home to a hundred in an office environment.

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