Telephone Scams

There is what’s known as a “social engineering scam” going around New Zealand at the moment.

You may receive an unsolicited phone call from a person asking you “Has your computer slowed down recently?” or something similar. The caller may suggest that they have a reason for knowing about the state of your computer (e.g. they may claim to be calling from Microsoft). The caller will almost certainly have a heavily accented voice. They are not calling from anywhere in New Zealand!

The caller claims to be able to ‘fix’ your computer if you pay him by supplying your credit card details.

What could happen:

They will almost certainly charge your credit card. Who knows how much, and how often though?

They will talk you through installing remote control software, then purport to ‘fix’ your computer. They probably won’t do anything actually beneficial. Most likely they will pretend to do some work, whilst possibly stealing confidential information, or planting information theft software on your computer.

You may think you have a virus due to the fact you received a call in the first place. This is also untrue. The callers are simply calling every number they can find from a very large list.

Our advice is to hangup as soon as possible.

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